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Malcolm Dickinson                                                         Clarinet and Saxophone

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Old Greenwich CT 06870-1504
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Book List for Clarinet Students
revised 27 November 2001


Music stand

Metronome: Seiko SQ44 or SQ50, or Wittner Taktell Piccolo (not Wittner super-mini)

Hard plastic reed holder that holds 4 reeds                (Vandoren, Rico, or LaVoz)

2 boxes of reeds: Lavoz Medium or Rico Royal #2 (#2 for beginners)

Clarinet handkerchief swab (cotton, not chamois)


All students:

                        Title                                                             Author                 Publisher                                                             ISBN#____

Book of staff paper (blank music paper)                spiral bound, full size (9 x 11)

24 Varied Scales and Exercises                J. B. Albert             Carl Fischer

 Beginning students:

Rubank Elementary Method for Clarinet                ______               Rubank / Hal Leonard                blue cover

Rhythmical Articulation                                    Pasquale Bona            Carl Fischer

Second level students:

Rubank Intermediate Method for Clarinet                           Rubank / Hal Leonard                blue cover

50 progressive duets                                                Kuffner

Third level students:

Lazarus method for clarinet

Langenus method for clarinet (book 1)

Advanced students:

Klose Celebrated Method for the Clarinet

Recommended sources for the items on this list:

The Music Source

1345 E Putnam Ave, Old Greenwich (near Walgreens, on second floor above Boston Market)

Mon-Fri 12-5   -   Sat 10-4     Tel. 698-0444    www.themusicsource.org


Classic Winds

Mail order saxophone music, books, mouthpieces, reeds, and accessories, run by another classical saxophone teacher

Order at http://www.classicwinds.com or call 770-924-0559 (Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm)


Frederick Weiner Woodwinds

Large mail-order house on Long Island.

Catalog is on line at http://www.weinermusic.com and orders can be placed at 800-622-2675 (M-Th 9-6, Fr 9-5, Sat 11-4)

The Woodwind

Large mail-order house in Ohio

Order at http://www.woodwindbrasswind.com/ or 800-348-5003 (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-4pm)