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Original instruments made by Adolphe Sax, circa 1845
(alto, tenor, baritone, and soprano)


As a saxophone teacher, I have written answers to questions that students (and others) have posed about learning to play the saxophone. These miniature articles are available here.

Materials for Students:

Book list for saxophone students


The saxophone is one of relatively few instruments in use today that was invented, rather than developed over time.  It was invented by Adolphe Sax in Dinant, Belgium in the 1840s.
January 17, 1876: The saxophone made what many consider to be its first public appearance in the US when it was played by Etta Morgan at New York City's Olympic Theatre.
The saxophone is keyed for a 2.5 octave range - but an expert player can actually play up to 4 octaves through the use of overtones, also known as harmonics.  Many of the standard concertos in the saxophone repertoire require the player to master this upper register.
The saxophone family consists of Eb sopranino, Bb soprano, Eb alto, Bb tenor, Eb baritone, and BBb bass.  The sopranino is about 18 inches long and the bass stands about 5 feet high.  The soprano through baritone are the only common instruments.
Rare members of the saxophone family, none of which have been manufactured since 1929, include the C soprano, F mezzo-soprano, Conn-o-Sax in F, "C-melody" tenor in C, and the mighty contrabass in EEb. The contrabass stands 6 feet 7 inches high.
One of the pioneers of classical saxophone playing, in Europe and the United States, was named Sigurd Raschèr. He died 2/25/01 and an overview of his life was published in the New York Times.


Sigurd Raschèr, one of the early classical saxophone concert artists, with the complete saxophone family (sopranino to contrabass)
Me with my bass saxophone, 1991
the 75 participants at the saxophone study week that I organized at Yale in 1992


The Saxophone Institute held each year at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky
Snippets of pieces performed at the institute can be heard here (you will need to scroll halfway down the page to get to a table of pieces)
A list of all the saxophone compositions by composer Walter Hartley
Saxophone page by Josh: http://members.xoom.com/iplaysax/history.html
Saxophone page by David A. Kahl: http://www.transy.edu/homepages/dkahl/saxpage.htm
Saxophone page by jdumars@saxophone.org, is at http://www.saxophone.org/
Saxophone page by Cheeseburger, at http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/3353/index.html
includes an incomplete but helpful list of university saxophone teachers
A great classical saxophone site is at http://www.classicsax.com/
It includes a section called The Adolphe Sax Institute
And a chart of the entire saxophone family
The bimonthly magazine Saxophone Journal has a web site
Contrabass saxophone fans: see http://www.contrabass.com/pages/cbsax.html
Subcontrabass saxophone?

Saxophone resources on the web from Indiana University

Sax On the Web

Sax Gourmet Web Site

Old saxophone ads
Information about Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone

Adolphe Sax


Paul Cohen  bio
John Coltrane discography
Steven Mauk
Sigurd Raschèr
Wildy Zumwalt

Saxophone Workshops:

Sigurd Raschèr Saxophone Study Weeks 
at University of Southern Missisippi, 1989
at Georgia State University, 1991
at Yale University, 1992
Saxophone Institute at Transylvania University, Lexington, KY

Saxophone Ensembles:

Benghazi Sax
Chicago Saxophone Quartet
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet
Raschèr Saxophone Orchestra
South German Saxophone Orchestra
Zagreb Saxophone Quartet

Composers of music for the saxophone:

Walter Hartley
Russell Peck
Mark Alan Taggart


Saxophone Journal is a monthly magazine with columns by Lee Patrick and Paul Cohen

To the Fore Publishers (classical saxophone works)

Used instruments:

I have several saxophones for sale
Other sources: just search for the make and model you want, using yahoo, google, etc.
Many vintage saxophones are available through Ebay
Find the age of your saxophone on this serial number chart
Another serial number chart

Sax Gourmet's chart of Conn models

Find out what company made your saxophone on this stencil list

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